Multifunction Jar Bottle Lid Opener

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Color: Opener Common style
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Eats Difficult Lids for Breakfast: You’ve seen this style of opening gadget before, but not like this! With extra deep teeth, this lid remover grips harder and locks tighter so you can twist easier than ever! Set includes 1x Jar Lid Opener with Instructions + 1x Bottle Opener Keychain – Gift Boxed.

Adjustable And Multifunctional: stainless steel grippers are for opening large or small jars, water or soda bottles, Mason Jars, and more! Simply open the wing and slide the teeth to grip your sized lid. Lock the wing and twist! The extra-deep teeth lock even more securely than other openers!

Useful Gifts: So We Gift Boxed It! Elderly people, folks with arthritic hands, and men or women living daily with a handicap can now open jars with ease and bottles with joy! So why not gift it! And because we all need handy labor saving devices on holiday, it meets beach gadgets gift standards!

A Space Saving, Life Saver: These handy accessories are rust proof, easy to wash and 100% dishwasher safe. And when they’re ready for storage they fit in your drawer or hook without taking up space.

Too Easy: Try and see how those extra-deep teeth make it easier than similar metal jar grips. And with the keychain opener, you have all jars and bottles covered. No longer do you need to ask the kids to open your jars, or miss out on your favorite soda.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Brianne Jast

Metal. A little loose, but it'll go.

Kristy Dooley

It's great, but it opens better without rubber bands. Fast delivery.

Adriel Bartell

Arrives faster than expected

Max Gerlach

You need to get used to and do not forget that this thing is in the drawer in the kitchen

Bertrand Lesch

I ordered for my mother, but she did not manage to open the jars, the lever is small when the lid is wide and there was not enough strength.

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